Celebrating World Environment Day with a Clean-Up Drive

In honour of World Environment Day, celebrated annually on the 5th of June, significant steps were taken to address a pressing issue in the park: litter.

Over the past few months, trash accumulation in certain areas of the park had become noticeable, prompting action. Recognising that even the smallest efforts in conservation can lead to a substantial impact, Shanè October-Gertze, the dedicated Environmental Compliance Officer at SANParks, organised a combined effort to clean up the park – including SANParks staff and various concessions. This initiative not only aimed to preserve the natural beauty of Kruger National Park but also to make it a more attractive and welcoming place for all who visit.

Forming part of the team on the day were 16 team members from Kruger Shalati. For three hours, these dedicated individuals focused on picking up trash in the living quarters in Skukuza and around the Paul Kruger Park Gate area. Their hard work and dedication exemplify our commitment to maintaining the park’s cleanliness and beauty.

“There is nothing worse than seeing trash lying around in such a beautiful place,” Gavin Ferreira, GM of Kruger Shalati remarked. “It’s crucial that we all do our part, no matter how small our contribution may seem, it is all our responsibility to keep our environment clean. These efforts not only enhance the park’s appeal but also contribute significantly to the overall conservation goals.”

The initiative serves as a powerful reminder that collective action can lead to significant positive changes and stands as a testament to the power of community and collaboration in environmental conservation. By maintaining the natural beauty of the Kruger, we not only preserve a vital habitat for wildlife but also ensure that future generations can enjoy the splendour of this iconic location.